lucas di grassi calls for ban on radio communication

16:00    05 Nov 2018

Brazilian driver Lucas di Grassi (L) of the Audi sport ABT Schaeffler team celebrates on the podium after winning the Zurich E-Prix
Former Formula E champion Lucas di Grassi has called for a ban on radio communication between drivers and their teams in the all-electric series.

The 2016/17 champion argues that all radio chatter – aside from that relating directly to safety issues – should be eliminated to enhance the challenge to drivers and the overall spectacle of Formula E races.

Di Grassi’s opinion arrives in the wake of the FIA and Formula E discuss ways of curbing the use of so-called ‘mission control’ operations between the race track and manufacturer bases during real-time competition.

Di Grassi believes that a complete ban on discussions between drivers and the pit wall would largely eliminate ‘mission control’ use and also benefit the overall entertainment value of races.

“Why not just cut the radio communication to the driver and then it doesn’t matter how many strategists you have or how big a mission control you have, as you cannot tell the driver what to do then,” Di Grassi told e-racing365.

“I think that’s the way forward, its more driver dependant, you have to decide your own strategy you need to know what is going on and you need to figure it out for yourself.

“There would also be no team orders, no bullsh*t like this, you will go racing and that’s it, it is your problem to solve and I am totally in favour of this.”

Di Grassi added, “For me this is a way to go and actually I suggested this to Alejandro [Agag – Formula E’s CEO].

“We need to have a radio because it is important for safety reasons, of course. We need to know about full course yellows, accidents, etc.

“But I’d like to have only comms from the race director to us and us to the radio director so I can tell them if I had a crash or something has gone wrong on track.

“I am against team radio, I am against any type of driver aid. I see the continual dialogue in a race as a driver aid and Formula E should look at eradicating it.”


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