formula e boss alejandro agag hints at new race format which will ‘blow the minds’ of fans

16:00    26 Apr 2018

Chase Carey (USA) Formula One Group Chairman with Alejandro Agag (ESP) Formula E Holdings CEO
Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag has hinted at a radical new race format for the series which will “blow the mind of the younger generation”.

Formula E is currently in its fourth season and is gaining new fans every day, but the series continues to evolve in terms of technology and viewer involvement.

Now, in his latest column, Agag says capturing the attention of young fans is the key to securing long-term success for Formula E, as is the advancement of technology which will bleed over from the racing to road cars.

“A friend of mine was in the grandstand in Rome and told me that there was a 10-year-old fan behind her who knew absolutely everything about Formula E – which drivers were which, all the different cars – and all the adults were listening to this kid. I think that’s a great symbol of how Formula E is capturing the imagination of younger people,” Agag wrote.

“I think the potential of adding new technology to the mix, which is not strictly powertrain technology, is huge, and we are going to start toying with that in Season 5.

“The race format for Season 5, which we haven’t disclosed yet, is going to be something closer to a video game and will blow the mind of the younger generation.

“It’s almost a race format designed for them. If we can get children who are 10 years old to be a fan of the series, they will be a fan for life.”

Agag added, “The arrival of the big car manufacturers creates a big playing field for the technology, with so many of the big guys together working on the same platform.

“Formula E is an incredibly powerful platform to develop technology and to showcase that technology. And that is going to be accompanied by huge passion from the fans, especially the young fans.”

The eighth round of the 2017/18 Formula E season will be held in Paris this coming weekend.


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