wilfried zaha: will my leg get broken before referees protect me?

09:15    17 Sep 2018

Wilfried Zaha
Crystal Palace’s Ivorian star Wilfried Zaha has hit out at match officials for a lack of protection, claiming he will need to have his leg broken before he is offered protection from aggressive challenges.

Zaha was the key man in the Eagles’ 1-0 win over Huddersfield Town in the Premier League this past Saturday, though he was involved in an incident with Terriers defender Mathias Jorgensen and reacted angrily towards the Danish centre-back that brought a telling off from referee Lee Mason.

Jorgensen was booked for his part in the clash, but Zaha spoke out after scoring the winning goal to claim that he is being deliberately hacked “every week” by opponents and pleaded for referees to give him more protection.

"I feel like before anyone gets a red I'd have to get my leg broken or something. That's why I lose my head," Zaha told the BBC.

"Why am I getting different treatment from other players?

"It makes you not want to go on a run because someone will come through the back of you, and it doesn't allow you to express yourself.

"At the same time, I have to let my feet do the talking which I did today."

The Ivory Coast attacker added, "I have tried to speak to referees. There's nothing I can do any more."

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