paul di resta slams rookie driver philipp eng after losing dtm points lead

16:00    09 Sep 2018

Paul Di Resta
Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) star Paul Di Resta has criticized BMW's Philipp Eng for what he believes was brake-testing in the Nurburgring DTM opener in Germany on Saturday.

Mercedes-AMG driver Di Resta was infuriated and he turned down the post-race TV interview w at the Nürburgring, but later the erstwhile leader in the DTM drivers’ standings got clearer.

“I haven’t seen footage of the accident in which I was tapped into a spin yet. Race control penalised it, but that doesn’t help me. During the first stint, the same car brake-tested me two or three times. His tactics were clear: I was the number one enemy. That was very unfair. For him, it didn’t matter, because he can no longer become champion. I had hoped for more sportsman-like spirit,” Di Resta said on DTM's official website.

“I feel sorry for him and for Mercedes-AMG. That is not a situation you want to be in. Especially not with someone who is still in contention for the championship. I saw the gap and when you don’t go for it, you are no longer a race driver,” the heavily criticised Philipp Eng said.

The rookie driver was visibly uncomfortable with the situation. However, he didn’t want to take the entire blame for it. On lap twelve, the BMW driver had tapped Di Resta into a spin that saw the Scot go off-track. Race control imposed a drive-through penalty for the Austrian.

Thus, both drivers saw their chances blown. Eng ended up third-to-last, Di Resta finished last. In the drivers’ standings, Gary Paffett moved ahead of his fellow Mercedes-AMG driver.

“I just watched the footage of the situation again. It always takes two to tango. You always have to ask how something like that could have been avoided. According to me, that was no longer a possibility. At least not at the time when I was already in there. I was already well past his door,” Eng expressed his view of things.

“Firstly, he left the door open and then he turned in, then we had contact. You can see it on his onboard. Had he opened up a bit, I could have gone past as well and nothing would have happened. For me, the accident didn’t cause so much damage. But when I am in contention for the championship, I open up the steering a bit. It was just a sh… situation.”

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