barry miller accepts one-year ban

13:00    16 Apr 2018

US Continental rider Barry Miller has accepted a one-year ban after a sample he provided at the 2017 Tour of Somerville tested positive for a prohibited substance, the US Anti-Doping Agency confirmed this past weekend.

The 29-year-old’s sanction for the prohibited anabolic agent was reduced after he provided investigators with evidence that a supplement product, which did not list the agent on its label, was the source of the positive test.

Miller sent a statement to media in which he expressed relief at being able to "break his silence" on the situation after nine months of keeping silent.

"On July 21, 2017, after the third stage of the Cascade Classic, I got out of the shower at my host house and quickly checked my email as I got dressed," Miller wrote in the statement.

"There I received the shock of my life when I read an email informing me that a routine drug test I underwent two months before, at the end of May, had returned positive for some sort of steroid."

Miller was in a "state of shock," he wrote, and had no idea where the substance came from.

"My world had completely collapsed. I had no answers, very few resources, and hardly anyone to turn to."

The rider hired lawyer Howard Jacobs, who immediately started testing all of the supplements Miller had been taking prior to the failed anti-doping test.

"A number of weeks later a protein powder drink mix that I had been using at the time was revealed to be tainted with the steroid DHEA," Miller revealed.

"This substance was not listed anywhere on the ingredients or on the manufacturer's website. Further independent expert analysis, on both our end and USADA's, proved that this was the culprit."

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