paul di resta open to dtm stay despite mercedes’ departure

16:00    25 Jul 2018

Paul Di Resta
Scottish racing driver Paul Di Resta says he is open to the prospect of remaining in DTM despite the imminent departure of Mercedes from the series.

The 32-year-old is enjoying his strongest DTM season since he returned to the German Touring Car series from Formula 1, as he is currently second in the points standings behind Mercedes teammate Gary Paffett after five rounds.

However, Di Resta is being forced to consider his future options as Mercedes have confirmed that they will be leaving DTM at the end of the current season.

The racing driver may stick with HWA, who currently operate Mercedes’ DTM team, as they spearhead the marque’s entry into Formula E, but he is equally open to the idea of joining the DTM teams of either Audi or BMW.

"People tell me, ‘this is your last year in the DTM’ – and I say, ‘it’s not, it’s Mercedes’ last year’," di Resta told "You have to think about your livelihood.

"I’m interested in the Formula E project, we’re speaking about it, as all the [Mercedes] drivers probably are, but making sure you’re driving [something] competitive is a big thing for me.

"I’ve been part of this family for a long time, but there’s plenty of life left in me to make new relationships and I think [Mercedes] are very open to that as well."

Asked if his current form would make him a prime target for Audi and BMW if they were to expand their line-ups to compensate for Mercedes' departure, he replied: "I guess it does.

"They all had eight cars not so long ago. But the big thing is there’ll be new rules and a new engine, and the costs involved in that.

"I guess they are just holding back [committing to fielding more cars] to make sure they go into it with the best intentions and securing a long-term future."

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