oscar robertson urges nba players to speak out about injustices

15:30    27 Jun 2018

Oscar Robertson (L) and Bill Russell
After bagging the Lifetime Achievement Award on Monday night, legend Oscar Robertson commended the off-court activism of today’s National Basketball Association players.

Although the Hall of Famer wondered why more white athletes aren’t speaking out too, he believes black and white will get together.

Robertson is the career leader in triple-doubles and was the first player to average one for a season and his antitrust case against the NBA also ushered in free agency for players, which Robertson said was his most important assist.

The 79-year-old former guard who starred at Crispus Attucks High in Indianapolis and in college at Cincinnati before going to the NBA, said it’s time for players to speak out about politics and education, among other issues.

On the other hand, Robertson’s high school and college career was plagued by racism, but said injustices in the world are always around.

”But the only thing that really bothers me is where are the white athletes when this is happening?” he said at backstage.

”This is not a black athlete problem. You see injustice in the world. It’s all around you.

”But it seems that what we have today is a system where you don’t want players to say anything at all, because years ago they didn’t say anything because they couldn’t say anything.

“But now I hope they all, the whites and the blacks get together - even with the football.”

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