dtm and super gt to race together as early as next year

07:43    26 Jun 2018

Following the news of new ‘Class 1’ technical regulations, DTM and SUPER GT are set to hold races together as early as next year.

Not formal dates have been released, but the prospect of the two premier touring car series joining forces is an exciting one.

“In 2019, we are going to hold the first-ever joint race events where DTM and SUPER GT cars compete together,” Japanese GTA series boss Bandoh san announced at the Norisring round of the DTM series this past weekend.

“I strongly believe that the joint events will bring new excitement for motorsports fans around the world and both SUPER GT and DTM will continuously develop together.”

Even though SUPER GT will only adopt the new regulations in 2020, both DTM and SUPER GT plan to hold two joint race meetings – one in Europe and one in Asia – as early as next year.

For these two joint race weekends, a one-off special ‘Balance of Performance’ (BoP) will be created to make for equal chances of the still slightly differing vehicles of both series to be competitive against each other.

The format of the race weekends will follow that of DTM, with with two sprint races – one on Saturday and one on Sunday – each featuring an obligatory stop to change tyres.

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