venturi’s ambition convinced me to join formula e – felipe massa

16:00    20 Jun 2018

Felipe Massa
Felipe Massa says Venturi’s technical ambition and willingness to expand its engineering scope was a big part of the reason he signed up with the Formula E team.

The former Formula 1 driver will join the Venturi team from the 2018/19 season, and has explained that he spoke to several outfits before making his decision.

“Venturi was pushing really hard to have me in the team,” said Massa at the e-Prix in Zurich earlier this month.

“I was talking with a few teams in order to hear, to understand, to see definitely what was happening.

“I started to listen to all the ideas they have for the future in terms of developing the car and about trying to be bigger than what they are.”

Venturi has expanded its technical team in recent seasons, with Massa’s former engineer at Sauber, Jacky Eeckelhaert, joining the team from Dragon Racing last year.

“It was clear that they want to be more of a top team than they are now working on so many different areas in the car and I found that quite interesting,” said Massa.

“Now it is a new car, in a way not completely new, as many teams, especially the bigger ones, already have some ideas on how to develop the car, but it is certainly a new challenge for everybody.”

He added, “I think that all the ideas that Venturi is putting on the table is on the technical side, I was happy to see that,” said the 11-time Grand Prix winner.

“This is one most important reason[s] why I decided to sign with them.”

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