ford weighing up formula e and electric wrx options

09:29    19 Jun 2018

American manufacturer Ford is weighing up its options to participate in the Formula E series, and could re-enter the World Rallycross (WRX) Championship when it becomes full electric in 2020.

The Detroit-based marque looks set to expand its involvement in electric motorsport, which is very much in line with plans to invest US$11billion into its line-up of hybrid and electric vehicles by 2022.

Mark Rushbrook, Ford Performance’s global motorsports director, said that participating in an all-electric rallycross series is among the options.

“We’ve been studying that and are involved in the discussions for setting that framework,” Rushbrook told e-racing365.

Ford withdrew from WRX last year, but Rushbrook said they could re-enter under the new regulations, which will utilize an ORECA-built spec chassis and standard battery developed by Williams Advanced Engineering.

Manufacturers will be allowed to develop their own electric powertrains, with custom bodyshells.

“In this case the benefit, or one of the differences in ERX versus Formula E, it looks like a street car and you can make it look like your street car,” Rushbrook said.

“We wouldn’t make a decision on that difference alone. There’s a lot of other difference between those series.”

Rushbrook said a decision on its future EV plans has yet to be made and indicated no major global decisions are expected in the coming weeks.


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