thanks for the offer but i'm not interested - allardyce rejects newcastle

10:00    12 Jul 2019

Sam Allardyce
Former England head coach Sam Allardyce has revealed that he rejected an offer from four-time EFL Championship title winners Newcastle United.

The experienced tactician was in charge of the Premier League club between 2007 and 2008, but he has turned down a chance to return to the Tyneside-based side.

Newcastle are currently searching for a replacement for Rafael Benitez, who recently left the club.

"I was very flattered that I was considered but it's that thing - don't go back," Allardyce told Talksport.

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"It never got to the type of talks people are suggesting but it wasn't for me. I politely said no.

"I never got to talk to Mike. My agent contacted me, I had a think about it and a quick look at the situation and thanked them very much," he added.

"It's not for me. Maybe if it was the first time around I would have jumped at it. I appreciate the offer but I was surprised - I've not worked for a full season."

Allardyce's last coaching job in the Premier League was at Everton FC.

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