christopher jullien grateful for neil lennon’s sacrifice

15:00    29 Jun 2019

Christopher Jullien
New Celtic defender Christopher Jullien has expressed his gratitude to manager Neil Lennon for sacrificing his birthday to help convince the player to sign for the club.

Lennon turned 48 last Tuesday but spent the day flying from his side’s summer training base in Austria to Paris in order to complete his move for the 26-year-old defender, who agreed a four-year deal as part of a £7million transfer.

“I’ve been speaking with the manager for the last three days,” explained Jullien. “He came to Paris on his birthday to meet me, so I have to thank him for that.

“It was really nice for him to come to me and make that first contact. He’s a really nice guy and I can’t wait to join his team and work for him.

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“He was in the training camp but he told me he was excited to meet me in Paris and for me it’s a great feeling to have a coach who really wants you and was just happy to see me.”

Jullien’s transfer fee is the second highest Celtic have ever paid for a player, but the tall defender is not bothered by this fact.

“I’m not really focusing on the fee, more on what I can do. I know that this team last year did a really good job,” he explained.

“That’s a good pressure for me. I’m coming into a team that wins a lot of things and know I’ll do my best to bring everything I can to the table and to do the same things again.

“It’s a really exciting time for my career to come to such a historic club, the best club in Scotland.

“I can’t wait to get started. When you start playing football, you want to leave a legacy. The fact you can chase some trophies here was a really good thing in my mind.

“For me every day you can progress and that’s my goal. I said to the manager a few days ago, ‘I really hope your staff is ready for me because I’m going to be on their back a lot’. My goal is to come here, progress a lot and become another man.”

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