don’t blame mercedes for current state of f1 – lewis hamilton

07:31    16 May 2019

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes cannot be blamed for the current lack of competition in Formula 1.

The German manufacturer has dominated the 2019 season thus far, with drivers Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas racking up five successive 1-2 finishes.

The ‘Silver Arrows’ enjoy a 96-point lead over Ferrari in the Constructors’ Championship, while Hamilton is 46 points clear of the nearest non-Mercedes driver, Max Verstappen, who sits third for Red Bull.

"Staying focused is pretty easy but it is not as much fun as when you are competing against another team - that is was F1 is about,” Hamilton said.

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“When you arrive and you are competing against other teams who are bringing their A game and you have another two drivers and that puts a spanner in the mix.

“When that is not there it is definitely a lot less exciting from a competition point of view, racing within a is not have F1 should be, but it is what it is right now and it has been like that in the past. But it is not our fault these guys are good at their jobs."

Asked if he feels Mercedes can win all 21 races in 2019, Hamilton replied: “Who knows? We definitely did not expect to come into the season winning the first five races, which is incredibly encouraging for everyone.

"Everyone is still pushing incredibly hard, which is still so great to see. It really is a phenomenal group of people. In the engineers' room, nobody is overconfident.

“We were just discussing improvements we could make and talking about how we could improve the car. They don't mind constructive criticism. They don't take it personally.

“I think this is the strongest team there is and has ever been and it would be hard to break that."

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