sheffield united boss to keep buying british

08:31    08 May 2019

Chris Wilder
Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder says he plans to maintain a British-dominant squad for the club’s return to the Premier League next season.

The Blades will be returning to the top flight for the first in 12 years after a great EFL Championship campaign in which they finished second behind Norwich City.

Wilder says a British-dominant model has served him well and he plans to continue in that vein for the 2019/20 Premier League.

“We’ve not had the ability to put three or four scouts in every country in Europe because obviously that’s a cost,” said the Blades boss.

“We don’t shy away from foreign players, but they would have to fit into the togetherness and mentality of what we’ve created.

“I don’t think there are many unbelievable bargains flying about there.

"People have cottoned on that there’s money in the Premier League and European agents are trying to move their players in, but many of them are expensive.

“It’s suited us when we’ve gone British and I don’t think we’re going to veer away from that too much.”

Wilder insists that he will not put the club in financial peril through over-spending: “We’ve seen what’s happened to other clubs.

“That’s the last thing I would ever do - put the club’s future in danger with a boom and bust scenario, where people get hurt.

“That won’t be happening at all. I think the approach will be a sensible and pragmatic one. We will still try to get value for money, but we will still try to improve.

“We’ve tried to improve year on year. Obviously this is a bigger step than we’ve taken before, but that still has to be that approach.”

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