keita expresses his gratitude to mane

09:15    18 Mar 2019

Liverpool's Naby Keita (left) and Sadio Mane
Liverpool midfielder Naby Keita has expressed his gratitude to teammate Sadio Mane and says the Senegalese star is “like a brother” to him.

Guinea star Keita, who joined Liverpool last year from RB Leipzig, has also revealed that Mane played a big role in his move to Anfield.

In the latest edition of 'Bezzies', which can be found on Liverpool's official YouTube channel, Keita said: "I think Sadio is like a brother to me, he's someone who motivates me and who is always with me."

In the video which sees the pair answer a series of question to test their level of friendship, Mane added: "Good friendships are always things that come naturally. Then if they are sincere they will last."

Keita agreed with the 26-year-old, expanding: "Like he said if something is sincere it will last. I like him because I could see someone who was ambitious and who wanted to succeed.

"When I met up with him I said to myself, 'Yes, I think I've found the sort of friend that I need'. When I met him at Salzburg he showed me the right path to take and I followed it too.

"When he left I said to him, 'Big brother, one day we will meet again'. Each time he scored he'd say to me 'Come on little one, you've got to score this weekend too'.

"He said he'd helped his team to victory and I had to do the same. He was someone who was always there like a brother for me and who would motivate me."

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