i would like to face napoli in europa league final - chelsea's sarri

10:00    15 Mar 2019

Olivier Giroud
Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri lauded French star Olivier Giroud after he scored a hat-trick against Dynamo Kiev on Thursday night.

The experienced striker scored three times as the English giants secured a 5-0 win over the Ukrainian side in the UEFA Europa League clash.

As a result, Chelsea advanced to the quarter-finals after winning the tie 8-0 on aggregate.

"It was very, very good. In the last period every time he has been on the pitch he was able to play really very well. He scored nine goals in this competition," Sarri said.

"Olivier is a very important player for us. I am very happy for him and his hat-trick, and I am very happy with him.

Sarri was also asked if he would like to play his former Italian club, Napoli in the quarter-final and he said: "I prefer to find them in the final! First of all, because it means we are in the final and I am happy.

"And second because it means Napoli are in the final and I’m happy.

'Because of my relationship with the city and the people, for me it would be very difficult to play against them in Naples."

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