pochettino says tottenham are like alonso's inferior formula one car

10:00    02 Feb 2019

Mauricio Pochettino
Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino has likened his side to motor racing legend Fernando Alonso's unfortunate situation in the Formula One.

Spurs are still in the race for this season's English Premier League (EPL) title despite having made no new signings and also facing stadium delays.

Alonso struggled in the Formula One last season and the Spanish driver finished 11th in his McLaren.

Formula One fan Pochettino compared Alonso facing current Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton in a far superior Mercedes car, to highlight the challenge his Spurs side face.

"When you work in football, it's because you want to win. When you are a player the only thing you want is to win. You can be a winner but if you don't have the tools to win, it's difficult. If you have the car to win and you are good, then you win," Pochettino said on Sky Sports.

"If you have the same car as another who is good, then one is going to win and the other is going to lose. Take the example of Fernando Alonso and compare with Hamilton. If you put Hamilton in McLaren last season and Alonso in Mercedes, it's the same result: Hamilton at the bottom and Alonso at the top.

"I always put the same example. Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are the best drivers in Formula One. But if you put Hamilton in McLaren last season and Alonso in Mercedes, it's the same history, Hamilton on the bottom and Alonso on the top. That's the reality," he added.

"Where did Alonso finish last season with McLaren? I follow Formula One. I love McLaren. But it wasn't competitive last season. That's the reality, no? But do you think that's a problem with Alonso or a problem with the car?"

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