formula e an option for the future, says ford boss

08:14    11 Jan 2019

© FIA Formula E
Ford's head of performance motorsports, Mark Rushbrook says entering into the ABB FIA Formula E Championship remains one of the options for the automaker as it evaluates its motorsport future.

Speaking to MotorSport website, Rushbrook stated that Formula E was "still on the sheet of paper we are looking at" as it considers an entry into what he called "electrified motorsport".

The American company was reportedly engaged in high-level talks with Formula E and appeared close to signing up for the series.

"We have been looking very closely through 2018 across all different forms of racing to understand what the options are for electrified motorsport, whether hybrid or full electric," said Rushbrook.

"Given what our cycle plan is for road cars we are very interested in adding an electrified form of motorsport in the near future.

"We continue to study all or most of those options, and I suspect we will be making decisions in early '19."

Rushbrook went on to insist that there is "still room" for Ford on the Formula E grid even though it will hit its 12-team, 24-car capacity with the arrival of Porsche in season six in 2019/20.

"It would mean joining up with an existing team, partnering with someone on the grid today," he added.

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