exclusive: 911 aims to go all out for title at africa boxing 12

18:30    08 Feb 2019

Jeffery Magagane of South Africa (blue)
South African boxer Jeff Magagane will go all out when he takes on his compatriot Tello Dithebe for the vacant WBA Pan African Featherweight contest at Africa Boxing 12 which is scheduled to take place at Sun Carousel on 15 February 2019.

Fox Sports Africa spoke to the 28-year-old, who opened up about his promising career and title ambition in an exclusive interview.

What is your nickname?

They call me 911 because I can box fast. The nickname was derived from the Porsche 911 Camera which is a fast car.

How did you get into boxing?

Initially, I was not interested in boxing even though my two brothers were boxers. I played football for the University of Johannesburg Soweto Campus. In 2008, I decided to try out boxing and I liked the sport.

What's the highlight of your boxing career thus far?

I travelled a lot as an amateur boxer. I am a three-time South African amateur champion and a former Gauteng amateur champion.

How have you prepared for your upcoming fight against Tello Dithebe?

I have been working hard during my preparations. I have seen Tello in action in the past. But I was not really paying attention to the fight.

Are you confident that you will win the belt?

This will be my third title fight. I want to grab this opportunity with both hands. I am confident that I will win the WBA Pan African Featherweight title.

What in your opinion is your biggest strength or asset as a boxer?

Unfortunately, I cannot reveal my secret weapon. My future opponents will read this interview and they will know what to expect from me.

Who is your boxing hero and why?

American former professional boxer Roy Jones Jr. I am a big fan of his boxing style.

What are your goals for the future?

I want to be a champion and give back to the community by contributing to the common good.

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